A new type of painters in Melbourne. Fast, efficient & professional service all completed in one day*

One Day Paint sets out to change professional house painting in Melbourne. We want to make painting fast and easy, while also creating a name homeowners can trust. To achieve this, we developed a new way of working. One which allows us to paint homes faster without compromising on workmanship, quality or affordability.

*An average 3 – 4 bedroom home will be painted in one day. Larger houses may take longer. However, we guarantee that you'll still be impressed by the speed & quality in which we can paint your house.

We paint your Melbourne home in just one day*

  • Our streamlined process makes our service fast and easy

  • We employ experienced, professional painters for a quality finish, every time

  • Our service costs no more than traditional Melbourne painters

  • We give you the option to use Eco-friendly zero VOC paint

  • We’re backed by leading commercial painters, K2 Painting & Rendering and have teamed up with colour consultants to help you decide which colours suit you and your home best