Why DIY painting can end up costing you more money

Often, those who are thinking of painting their Melbourne home consider DIY painting. The reality is that DIY painting can end up costing you much more money than choosing to hire professional painters in Melbourne.

There are three main issues you should consider if you are planning to paint yourself;

  1. The high cost of paint supplies

To get a great result, you need more than just a can of paint and a paintbrush. You will need to buy; a large clean sponge, hole filler, quality paint primer, paint, roller brushes, roller covers, a screen, trays, an angled-sash brush for edges, drop sheets and more. In Melbourne, these supplies add up to a large amount of money. Professional painters like OneDay Paint, not only supply everything but know exactly how to use their equipment and give you the best outcome possible. One Day Paint always uses the best quality supplies when painting in Melbourne.

  1. Time commitment

For most DIY painters who have not had much or any experience, an interior paint job will take from three days to two weeks, depending on the size of the property. This time commitment to paint your home can interfere with work and social life and can end up becoming quite a burden. The expert Melbourne Painters at OneDay Paint will beautifully enhance your home with a quick and perfect paint job in just one day. By choosing the professional painters at OneDay paint, you won’t lose any valuable time or energy.

  1. An uneven and disappointing result

The most common problem experienced by DIY painters in Melbourne is the unsatisfactory paint finish. After spending plenty of time and money trying to do it themselves, DIY painters will need to call in professionals to re-do the entire paint job. Of course, this will end up costing much more money than it would have had professionals been hired from the start.

Painting Melbourne properties is a task made easier through One Day Paint. Get in touch today with the experts trusted to paint in Melbourne. To find out more about the One Day Painters in Melbourne, please visit www.onedaypaint.com.au

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