Why a Professional Paint Job is a MUST when Marketing Your Melbourne Property

Nothing else screams ‘FRESH’ quite as much as a new coat of paint. When executed by professional painters in Melbourne, a paint upgrade can return a substantial amount of money when the time comes to lease or sell your property.

Worn, discoloured walls make a home feel dated and tired, and in the Melbourne property market first impressions count. Calling an expert paint company, like OneDay Paint in Melbourne, is a guaranteed way to instantly brighten up the home in readiness for marketing. The investment you’ll make having your walls professionally painted will impact both the range of interested buyers and most importantly, the final price.

It is common for home buyers to ‘fall in love’ with a property at first sight, and often the small details, such as a newly painted interior contribute to this appeal. OneDay Paint has the experience to transform your home or apartment into an inviting space, using quality paints and precision. Whether you plan to lease your property or put it on the market for sale, freshly painted walls will undoubtedly drive the price up.

Thousands of homes and apartments are opened for inspection every single weekend in Melbourne. In turn, the internet is packed with photographs of thousands of properties. A professional paint job could be the point of difference making your property stand out as the better choice for buyers or worthy tenants. With expert companies like OneDay Paint, a professional paint job can be achieved with minimal hassle, and all in just one day. With premium and budget-friendly services available to all suburbs in Melbourne, enhancing your home or investment property has never been easier.

If you need a little more reassurance, browse some local properties on the market in your Melbourne suburb. You will immediately notice the ones which have been given a fresh coat of paint. A room styled with sparkling walls as a backdrop always appears more attractive in advertising material. Choosing OneDay Paint for your Melbourne property painting needs is a wise choice.

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