When is the Best Time of Year Paint Your Home in Melbourne?

Painting the interior and, or the exterior of your Melbourne home is one of the best ways to quickly freshen up your property. Professional painters in Melbourne service properties all year round, but there are some pros and cons to choosing certain times of the year for an upgrade.

Obviously, exterior painting is best done during a guaranteed dry patch of weather. Clear conditions assist with quicker drying, and also offer a safe working environment for painters, especially for multi-level properties. There are some professional paint products which can withstand wetter conditions, but for the best exterior paint job for your Melbourne property, it is a smart decision to choose a week with a fine, dry weather outlook. Professional Melbourne painters like OneDay Paint will be able to recommend whether your preferred dates are ideal for exterior painting when you discuss your enquiry with them.

Unlike exterior painting, interior painting doesn’t necessarily require dry weather, but warmth is a definite pro. Once a home is painted, opening the windows will allow the natural air to assist with quicker drying, and a streak free finish. As well as the warmth, having a good amount of sunlight is recommended during interior painting projects because it allows the best light for accurate colour matching and detailed painting. Spring and Summer and therefore ideal times to paint your home.

Take into consideration that expert painters in Melbourne are in higher demand during the warmer months of the year, between September and December. Many people like to get their home looking optimal before the end of year entertaining season. Planning your paint in advance is worthwhile, so that you can be sure your project will be complete by the time you need it done. If you do decide to have your home painted during Winter, well-equipped paint professionals will be able to offer the same superior outcome by using appropriate paint products and drying techniques.

No matter what time of year you choose to paint your home in Melbourne, be sure to talk to the specialists at OneDay Paint.

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