Wattyl Paint’s Colour Palettes for 2019

Paint and coatings manufacturer Wattyl has release its colour palette for 2019.

Research has found that consumers are feeling overwhelmed with fake news and concerns regarding the environment, employment and politics. The 2019 forecast colour palettes are based on research which has shown a desire for calm and simplicity in our fast-paced world.

Wattyl Paint’s four colour palettes definitely provide consumers with a canvas to create a personal interpretation of a look where technology and wellness intersect.

The four palettes in the Wattyl 2109 colour trend forecast are: Well Rounded, Green Scene, Sensory Darks and High Expectations.

Well Rounded

Simple plains of balanced colour ensure calming, open, androgynous spaces that perform as places for rest, recreation and productivity.

Green Scene

The Green Scene palette of nature-inspired hues, dominated by soft greens, is restful, natural, muted and fresh.

Sensory Darks

Deep, rich tones of blue and green, touched by glimmers of metallic and mustard, are essential to complement tactile surfaces and luxurious textures.

High Expectations

Colours such as an evolved millennial pink matched with ink blue and raspberry accents. The look is luxe and tailored, exuding quality and tactile beauty.


Professional painters agree that minimalism with continue to flourish through the use of these colour palettes in one’s house painting and with the use of tactility and design, emotion will be instilled in homes throughout Melbourne homes.


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