Warm and Inviting Guest Room Colour Palettes

A guest room should be a welcoming space where comfort is key.  It should not only include the amenities of a hotel but also the intimacy and charm of a home.  Make your guests feel welcome with Melbourne house painting of comforting colours and bedroom designs.

“Choosing a paint colour for your guest room is less challenging than a room you use every day because it’s meant as a temporary space.  This also means that it’s more fun to decorate because you can take more colour risks,” say Melbourne painters.

Here are 3 designs which will help you to create a room that your guests won’t want to leave.

Blue-Ribbon Blend

This combo creates in a room that is not only crisp and calming, but also gender-neutral.  The bold paint colour establishes the palette, allowing complementary white on the wainscoting to extend high up the wall and the bedding to add contrast. (Design by Studio Design Group)

Best for Nature Lovers

Melbourne painters feel that this is a perfect guest bedroom for the nature lovers.  The bedding, wall and the carpet are showing resemblance with each other.  The overall theme of the bedroom matches the wood colours throughout the room.  (Design by Kimball Starr Interior Design)

Lovely Light Colouring

This one is a masterpiece for those who love light colours with regards to their Melbourne house painting.  The beige colour of the wall and its resemblance with the bedding make it beautiful.  The headboards above the beds are also classy and increases the beauty of the room. This would be a very peaceful room for guests. (Image from hansensavannah)


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