How to choose the best paint colour for your Melbourne home

Now that you have made the decision to freshen up the look and feel of your home with a paint job, you will need to decide which colours will work best in your space. The main question you should ask yourself when shortlisting the right paint colours for your Melbourne home or apartment is;

What feeling do I want to create in the room?

Neutral colours are always a safe choice. Not only do white and light grey tones enhance the feeling of space in the room, they also compliment bold artwork, furniture, rugs and soft furnishings. Neutral paint colours are a popular choice in entrance areas, living zones, wet areas and bedrooms. For those who prefer to change and update interior pieces often, choosing neutral tones is the best option.

Bold, bright colours add flair to an area and often act as a backdrop for a chosen colour scheme. Bright colours work well on a single wall, or accent area in dining or entertaining spaces, kitchens, and children’s play areas. Bright colours tend to stimulate and increase energy levels, so they are not recommended for bedrooms or relaxation zones in the home.

Bold dark colours add drama and intensity to the room. It is trending in Melbourne now to include rich tones of green, deep red, black and charcoal paint to bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms to create an impact.

Dulled tones or ‘desaturated’ paint colours are a popular choice in homes and apartments around Melbourne. They offer a break from typical whites and greys, and subtly invite a mood into the room. Pastel greens and blues bring about calmness to the room and are often used in work spaces or parent retreat areas. Pastel tones of purple and yellow are gentle yet instantly create a sense of warmth and joy. These hues are often seen in bedrooms and entertaining areas.

Of course, testing out your colour choice is always recommended prior to painting entire walls. It is a good idea to seek the advice of paint professionals for assistance with colour and execution.

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