Top Tips to Prepare Your Melbourne Home for DIY Interior Painting

One Day Paint are the speed specialists when it comes to residential house painting in Melbourne. An integral part of their success is their flawless preparation system, which when done correctly paves the way for a winning interior paint job. If you plan to paint your home yourself, here are some helpful painting preparation tips from the professional Melbourne painters;

Schedule Your Paint Job

Preparation for painting should start one week, not one day, prior to the paint commencement date for your Melbourne home. By locking in a fixed start date, you will be able to practically plan an effective interior paint job.

Collect Necessary Painting Supplies

If you are on a tight budget, you may acquire drop-sheets, plastic furniture covers, spare brushes and rollers from family or local friends. Canvas sheets or old bed sheets will work to protect your floors, if they are secured using thick tape with no gaps. You will need to buy a few tools to evenly prepare the wall surfaces for painting, including; a scraper, sand paper and a filler. For the job itself, you’ll need, primer, paint, paint roller (with an extension pole if possible), and protective canvas sheets. You may consider discussing the necessary materials with one of the painters in Melbourne at your local shop.

Taping Surfaces

Taping baseboards and horizontal surfaces is worthwhile as paint tends to splatter downwards. For vertical surfaces, rather use tapered paintbrushes in grooves and angled areas to avoid the time-consuming task of taping every frame. Professional painters can achieve excellent results without the need for tape, but this comes with experience. Our professional Melbourne painters always recommend those new to painting to tape surfaces prior to beginning their project.

Organise Some Helping Hands

If you have multiple walls to paint and limited time, call in the help of some friends or family. Using a quality paint and primer will make the job easier too. One Day Paint use Dulux paints for professional finishes and peace of mind for most Melbourne interior paint jobs.

On the Day

When the time comes to paint your home, wear old clothes and shoes to avoid ruining any favourites. Put some music on to increase motivation. Enjoy the challenge!

If your DIY paint job doesn’t pan out as expected, or you need the job done fast by local painters in Melbourne. Get in touch today with the experts trusted to paint in Melbourne. To find out more about the One Day Painters in Melbourne, please visit

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