Tips for Painting Your Melbourne Home this Summer

With the weather warming and spending more time outside, you may have noticed that winter has taken its toll on your home’s exterior paint job.

While painting in warmer weather can be difficult, particularly in hot, windy or humid conditions, Melbourne’s summer weekends provide the perfect time to tackle this project.

Here are a few helpful tips from professional painters to make your house painting task a little easier.

Follow the Shade

Paint does not adhere well to a surface that is too hot because the heat sears the paint and prevents good penetration and bonding of the paint coating.  To avoid this, always follow the shade around your house when doing exterior painting.

Temperatures Too Hot to Paint

It is best not to paint in temperatures over 35 degrees.  Paint tends to dry too quickly in these temperatures and this can result in a rough and ropey paint finish.

Paint Additives

The use of paint additives can also help to prevent your paint from drying too fast and causing brush and lap marks on the finished paint job.

Best Times to Paint

As the middle of the day is always the hottest part of the day, the best time to paint is in the early mornings or later in the evenings.  Preparation work like sanding and filling can be carried out during the middle of the day when temperatures are not suitable for painting.


While painting your home in summer might seem like an insurmountable task, it is not.  With some hard work and the right tools the outside of house can look shiny and new.


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