Should I Paint my Melbourne Investment Property before Marketing it for Lease?

A common question asked by many investors is, ‘should I spend the money professionally painting the interior of my property before marketing it to potential tenants?’

The answer? Yes,, absolutely yes! This is why:

  1. The cost of professional painting will be reclaimed in rent.

Tenants are willing to pay more money per week for accommodation which is freshly painted. A newly painted apartment in Melbourne can achieve a weekly rental amount of up to $100 more per week than the same property would unpainted. If you factor the painting costs into the weekly rental amount, you will be reimbursed in less than a year.

  1. Attractive properties are rented faster

If you want to get tenants into your investment property as quickly as possible, a new coat of paint might be the answer. Tenants in search of homes will be inclined to choose a clean and fresh-looking apartment to live in. Online listings of properties with bright, newly painted rooms attract more views and bring more buyers to inspections.  Rather than potentially having your house on the market for weeks or months, presenting it with a sparkling paint finish should get your home leased faster.

  1. Increase the value of your property

A professional paint job will add value to your investment property in Melbourne. It is always worth maintaining your investment property well in case you decide to sell it. A fresh interior paint job by expert painters will be a nice feature of the home for marketing purposes.

  1. If you are going to paint, choose the best Melbourne painters.

Some investors make the mistake of using inexperienced painters to give their property a once over. This ‘quick fix’ usually needs to be re-done within a year or two. It is best to choose expert painters in Melbourne, like OneDay Paint. Our team will use quality products to give you a perfect finish, on-time and on-budget for a longer lasting interior paint result.

When you are thinking of marketing your investment property, call us to optimise its presentation.

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