Professional Painting Tips to Create a Flawless Ceiling Finish

The colour of your ceiling has a large effect on the overall ambiance and lighting of your home and should never be overlooked.  Here are some tips from professional painters on how to paint the ceiling of your Melbourne home.


All good projects begin with good preparation. Before you begin, clear the room you want to paint of curtains, light fixtures and any light furniture.  Move all larger furniture items to the center of the room and together with the floor, cover with heavy drop cloths.

Sand and clean your ceilings before painting as over time, as layers of paint build up, bumps and crud get stuck to the ceiling.  A quick once over sanding will help ensure a perfectly smooth paint job and increase paint bonding. Dust can be removed after sanding with a damp sponge.

Finally tape around cornices, edges and any down lights to prevent unnecessary paint marks.


Use a stain-blocking primer to cover flaws.  Plain on old paint on its own is unable to conceal ugly ceiling stains that occur from roof leaks, big spills and tobacco smoke over time.  Dulux PRECISION Ceiling Stain Blocker and  Dulux PRECISION Stain, Smoke & Odour Blocker are both products often used by professional house painters when painting ceilings in Melbourne homes.

Cut In

Just like with a vertical wall, begin by cutting-in where the roller won’t reach.  Using a brush, paint around lights and edges to create a boarder. A pro-tip is to cut in small areas at a time; this ensures that when you eventually paint with a roller the paint is still wet and will allow for smooth blending.

Your ceiling is now professional prepared ready for painting.

Using an evenly loaded roller, move in a parallel motion across sections of ceiling.  If your ceiling requires a second coats, repeat both the cut in and painting steps.

By following these steps used by professional painters in Melbourne, you will be able to achieve a flawless finish that will give people a reason to look up and admire your handy work.

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