Professional Painting Tips on Great Colours to Use in Your Dining Room for Your Next Interior House Painting Project

If you are thinking of painting your dining room in your Melbourne home and are looking for just the right paint colour to transform this room, then this is the post for you.

Your dining room tends to be a very versatile area and is often used for additional purposes, such as studying and entertaining.  This allows many options when it comes to painting this area.  One can treat this room with either a dramatic effect or a more subtle and soft approach.

Top Melbourne professional painters find the following colour palettes the most popular for dining rooms across Melbourne homes.

Classic Off-White Paint Colours

A soft white dining room creates a clean, classic and timeless space sure to be loved by all.  It also creates a wonderful neutral palette which can be paired with an array of colours, each creating its own unique feel.  The use of cream and off-white for the both the trim and decor creates a beautiful room, just as a bolder approach of black or darker accents, create both a dramatic yet classic atmosphere.

Warm & Inviting Paint Colours

If you are looking to create an inviting vibe, then warm dining room colours are definitely the way to go.  As yellow promotes happiness, buttercream yellow is very popular.  Yellow also makes a room feel more spacious and is associated with sunny and cheerful days spent outdoor.  The use of darker furnishings creates a classy complement.

Cool & Relaxing  Paint Colours

Consider neutral blue-gray colours if you are looking for a modern dining room feel.  It pairs well with gold, copper or brass to create a very glamorous feel to this room, perfect for entertaining.

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