Professional Painting Colours for Brick Homes

If you love brick, but find its natural tones are not working with the style you are aiming for with your Melbourne home renovation, then paint is the perfect solution.

Typically brick looks great when left in its natural tone and comes in an array of colours. However, this does not mean you are stuck with just one colour. There are not only many great ways to accent the natural colour of the brick, but one also has the option of changing the colour of the brick itself.

White Painted Exterior Brick

White can create a sophisticated and modern vibe on old or new brick buildings. It is perfect for both interior walls and fireplaces and also looks great on the exterior walls of your home. Using a softer shade of white, like cream or off-white will help to create a subtler look. If a more aged look that allows the natural colour of the brick to show through a little is what you are aiming for, you could try a whitewash or limewash treatment, as this does not give full coverage. This look tends to be pretty low maintenance as it often looks better as it ages, meaning you could be repainting less often.

Grey Painted Exterior Brick

A classic look can be created by the use of lighter shades of grey, which is often the perfect alternative to white. A darker grey tends to have a more traditional feel. When working with the colour grey, professional painters often find that it tends to give you a little more freedom to play with your accent colours as well.

Exterior Accent Colours with Brick

If you are keen to try to work with the natural tones of your brick during hour home renovation, you can always add painted accents on other surfaces of your home for example; window trims, shutters, doors and porches. Whichever surfaces you are dealing with; you will want to consider the colour of the brick before choosing your colours.

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