Professional Painters Advice on Prioritizing Rooms for Your House Painting Project

Painting your entire home is an exciting time.  However, it can cause stress if you are not adequately prepared for painting several rooms at once.

One Day Paint has put together a simple checklist to help you prioritize rooms for internal house painting, to make the job easier.

1 Bedroom and Bathroom

Painting these two rooms first will get them out of the way and provide you with a place to rest even if the rest of the house is turned upside down.  It will also allow you to air out the room and shut it off from the paint smells from the rest of the house painting.

2 The Kitchen

It is always best to paint your kitchen as one of the first rooms in the house.  The kitchen tends to be the gathering place in the home and therefore one of the most used rooms.  By painting the kitchen early, you can prevent any food from going bad.  If you don’t have access to the kitchen, you are more likely to eat out and your fresh produce may spoil.

3 The Living Room or TV Room

This tends to be one of the largest rooms in your home but definitely also one of the most important.  Painting this area may take longer than the rest; however, once it has been completed it will allow you the space to move the furniture back and enjoy your freshly painted room.

4 Laundry Room or Mud Room

Professional painters recommend that these rooms are painted last as to prevent your clothes from smelling like paint.  It is good to remember to wash your clothes before you start this project and not to do laundry during the process.


Painting your home in one go is no small task, but Melbourne painters feel these tips can make the process a little easier.


Painting Melbourne properties is a task made easier through Professional Painters, One Day Paint.  Please find out more about our process here. Get in touch today with the house painting experts trusted in Melbourne.


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