Paint Colours for a Peaceful Home

Colours have a subconscious impact on your emotions and by surrounding yourself with hints of calming colours, your home could become a sanctuary. Adding a touch of colour to your walls using quality paint may be the perfect way to enhance your space and elevate your mental state.  

Here are some Dulux paint colour* selections which are sure to bring about serenity.


Bright and light greys like Tranquil Retreat and Dieskau are perfect hues to add an uplifting freshness to you walls. Their application in living rooms or retreat areas introduces a touch of air and breeziness, ideal for relaxation in the home. These light grey colours pair well against most floor types; wood, carpet and tiling whilst remaining neutral enough to suit a variety of décor choices. Be sure to incorporate natural elements such as indoor plants, wooden pieces and textured soft furnishing to soften grey paint colours creating a gorgeous balance.


Sea Drifter is a gorgeous sea blue colour which works well to create an expansive and calm atmosphere in certain rooms. In children’s rooms or study spaces, the aqua elements of this blue will ease minds and motivate happy thoughts. Placid Blue is a popular light blue colour for play spaces and kid’s rooms, providing an airy feel without over-stimulating. Keep in mind, paint colours can be ‘diluted’ by choosing half or quarter tones to suit your taste. To enhance the peaceful vibe, cream linen or furnishings work beautifully against blue walls.


Silent Sage and Honeydew are colours that embody all that is delightful about nature and when applied to a feature wall or two, can instantly provoke peace. Choosing to add hints of pink, purple, yellow or orange décor can work well to offset the green enough to complete your haven.  

Browns & Neutrals

For rooms with white tiled or concrete flooring, adding a lovely brown hue can soften your space. Coconut husk is a delightful, earthy choice which instantly brings about warmth; as is Redwood Forrest. Both of these Dulux browns appeal to all age groups and look great on a feature wall in family rooms, commercial or residential studios and guest retreats. Consider Snuggle Pot for children’s bedrooms; as its application can feel like cosy and inviting. Warm Neutral is exactly as it sounds, and even in a half tone, this is a good choice for entrances, passages and areas where intense white or natural light exist. Green leafy plants and contrasting white furnishings can help complete a tranquil look when using brown paint.

Purples & pinks

In dark tones, purples and pinks are dramatic and rarely associated with calmness. However, very subtle hues such as Tip Toes Quarter and Bunny Soft Quarter tend to promote a gentle and happy feeling. Ideal in girl’s bedrooms, nurseries or creative studio spaces these pretty colours inspire joy.  

Paint colours to avoid in a calm space

Yellow is recognised as a stimulating colour. Joyous and bold, this colour can create the opposite effect when used on walls. Even in softer tones, yellow paint is best suited to exciting retail or commercial spaces rather than a home environment.

Red and associated hues are not advisable when aiming to achieve a relaxed space.

Essential décor will help to compliment your paint colour choice

Regardless of which paint colour you choose, interior styling is important to complete your desired look. Consider your space carefully; from flooring to furniture avoid colour clashing. Soft furnishings are a fantastic way to soften or ignite a space; textured rugs, natural plants and wood, baskets and woven décor. Sometimes contrasting your calm space with hints of chrome, glass and white gloss will balance out the room for a modern and minimalist result.

The paint colour should inspire the overall ambience of your space and the extra touches will make it feel accessible and inviting.

Painting for calm is a great forward step in turning any home into a haven.

*Dulux paint colour details are available at the company website

Author – Chloe Sztejman

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