Essential Tools for Your Next Interior DIY Melbourne Painting Project

One Day Paint are specialists when it comes to residential house painting in Melbourne. In order to create a flawless paint finish, their professional painting teams have a few vital tools which pave the way for a winning interior paint job. If you plan to paint your home yourself, here are some of the tools professional Melbourne painters recommend:


Painter’s tape is essential, especially for DIY projects. By taping baseboards and horizontal surfaces you prevent unnecessary paint splatter and are able to create a neat finish similar to the results of professional painters.

Drop Cloth

No matter how careful you are, there will be drips. Having a drop cloth will mean less clean up later. Use it to protect both floors and furniture. Canvas drop cloths tend to be easier to spread and non-slip, so they’re much safer.

Paint Roller

The trusty paint roller can make quick work of covering a large wall. It also tends to not leave brush strokes. Investing in a good roller, means you will have it forever and only need to buy roller refills.

Small Brushes

Brushes are great for cutting in around ceilings and windows. Also after you’re finished painting and the tape has all been ripped back off, you will probably need to go back to do little touch ups. Small paint brushes are good for this.

Roller Tray

A conventional plastic roller tray is fine small interior painting projects. You don’t even need to clean them after the job is done, just pour the excess paint back into the pail, let the paint dry in the tray and you can add more paint right over the dry stuff.


While you standing on top of table or chair may be tempting, the safest bet is to invest in a ladder. If you need to buy a ladder a 4-ft. one is perfect for painting the average room. It is high enough for cutting in ceilings and small enough so you can move it around with one hand.

If your DIY paint job doesn’t pan out as expected, or you need the job done fast by local painters in Melbourne. Get in touch today with the experts trusted to paint in Melbourne. Find out more about our process here.

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