Melbourne’s Favourite Shades of Grey

Melbourne painters and interior design experts are favouring shades of grey over the typical white tones to create modern, feel-good spaces. The Dulux paint range, which is the chosen brand of expert painters OneDay Paint, offers over 100 variations of grey paints to choose from.

Some of the most popular shades of grey in residential homes throughout Melbourne include;

Endless Dusk – This is a light to middle grey shade which creates a warm and inviting space. At the same time, it presents a clean and neutral backdrop for any type of furniture and décor.

Grey Pail – A perfect light grey tone for bedrooms to inspire a dreamy and soft ambience.
Oolong & Domino – A dark grey shade popular for bathrooms, or single accent walls in entertainment areas to add drama and make a statement in the space.

Guild Grey – A middle to dark shade which brings about a cooler mood. This shade can make a room feel larger, and is popular in bedrooms and office spaces.

Dieskau – Used mostly in kitchen and living spaces as a gorgeous alternative to white tones. This light grey shade works well with shabby chic or country feel and is a highly recommended paint.

Malay Grey – A warm, dark tone of grey which creates a sumptuous feeling. Great for bedrooms, rumpus rooms and parents retreat areas.

The best thing about painting your Melbourne property’s interior with grey is that you will be creating a modern feeling with a timeless backdrop. Greys can be beautifully contrasted in a room to add flair and depth. Asking your Melbourne painter for expert advice is a good idea. It is likely they will be able to recommend the most suitable options for the type of space you are upgrading. Factors such as how much natural light, room sizes, orientation of the property and ceiling height will all come into play when selecting the perfect paint colour to compliment your home’s interior.

OneDay Paint have specialist colour consultants to assist clients with paint colour selection. Get in touch today to learn more.

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